Agitator vs. Impeller Washing Machines: What’s Best for You

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Agitator vs. Impeller Washing Machines: What’s Best for You

Choosing a washing machine is a more complicated decision than many assume it to be. Two popular types of washing machines on the market are agitator and impeller washers, each with their own specifics and differences in function. Depending on your needs, you might prefer one over the other. We’re breaking down the differences between these two types of washers to help you determine which one is best for you, as well as how FlexShopper can help you buy that pick.

Understanding Agitator Washers

Agitator washing machines, arguably the most traditional type of washer, have been around for years, and their process of washing clothes has remained largely unchanged. While you may already be familiar with agitators, understanding how they work, what advantages they offer, and what their downsides are will help you know if an agitator washer is right for you.

How Agitator Washers Work

An agitator washer works by rotating an agitator, which is a spindle located in the center of the washer’s drum. This agitator, fitted with fins and wings, moves clothes in a back-and-forth motion during a wash cycle, thereby creating friction between clothes to help remove dirt and stains. This motion is what provides a thorough cleaning, making the agitator washer a favored choice for heavily soiled laundry.

Advantages of Agitator Washers

Agitator washers are known for being tough on stains, perfect for heavily soiled laundry. They are generally faster in completing a wash cycle when compared to impeller washers. Also, they usually come at a lower price point, making them a budget-friendly choice for many households. These washers are also ideal for washing bulky items like comforters and heavy-duty fabrics.

Disadvantages of Agitator Washers

Due to their rigorous washing motion, agitator washers can be tough on delicate fabrics, leading to more wear and tear on clothes. On top of that, the central agitator in the drum reduces the overall load capacity. Lastly, they tend to use more water and energy than their impeller counterparts, which could result in higher utility bills over time.

Understanding Impeller Washers

Impeller washing machines are an alternative to traditional agitator washers, designed with a different washing mechanism to provide a gentler approach to clothes cleaning. Though still relatively new, they have some distinct advantages over agitator washers, though they obviously still come with their own downsides.

How Impeller Washers Work

Impeller washers are fitted with a rotating disc at the bottom of the tub. This disc, known as the impeller, moves clothes in a gentle swirling motion, facilitating water and detergent to penetrate fabrics more effectively. The absence of a tall agitator also provides more space for larger loads. Impeller models are known for their energy efficiency and use less water compared to traditional washers.

Advantages of Impeller Washers

Impeller washers are known for being gentler on clothes while still delivering an effective clean. They often come with a larger load capacity due to the absence of a central post agitator, making them ideal for washing bulky items such as comforters or heavy jackets. Additionally, impeller washers generally use less water and energy, which could lead to lower utility bills. They also offer various wash cycles and deep fill options for different laundry needs.

Disadvantages of Impeller Washers

Impeller washers may be gentler on clothes, but they might not be as efficient as agitator washers when dealing with heavily soiled laundry. Also, the wash cycles can take longer to complete. Their purchase price is also usually higher than that of agitator washers.

Choosing the Right Washer for You

When selecting a washer that suits your needs, consider your laundry habits, available space, budget, and environmental consciousness. You’ll have to weigh the efficiency and speed of an agitator washer against the gentler, more eco-friendly impeller washer. Households with fewer members who don’t do as much laundry may not need the impeller’s extra load capacity compared to homes with more people, though any size family with messy kids could definitely benefit from the extra cleaning power of an agitator. These sorts of questions are what you want to ask before you purchase either style.

Introducing FlexShopper Lease-to-Own

Regardless of the type of washer you choose, purchasing one can be financially challenging. FlexShopper’s lease-to-own option is a perfect solution to this problem.

FlexShopper’s Lease-to-Own Program

FlexShopper offers a lease-to-own program that allows you to get the washer of your choice today and pay for it in affordable weekly payments over time. FlexShopper doesn’t require any upfront costs or credit checks, enabling anyone to acquire a washer despite budget constraints. In fact, since there is no hard credit check, the process will not have any impact on your FICO score whatsoever.

Find the Right Washing Machine for You Today

Both the agitator and impeller washers have their unique advantages and disadvantages. Agitator washers are typically faster, more efficient, and budget-friendly, while impeller washers are gentler on clothing, have larger load capacities, and are more eco-friendly. Your choice will ultimately depend on your personal needs, preferences, and constraints. Regardless of which washer you choose, though, consider utilizing FlexShopper’s lease-to-own solution to make your washer acquisition more manageable.

Additional Features and Information

When deciding between an agitator washer and an impeller washing machine, consider the specific needs of your laundry routine. For those who prioritize energy efficiency and using less water, an impeller model might be the best choice. If tackling tough stains and heavy-duty wash cycles are more your speed, an agitator washer could be the way to go.

For those with specific brand preferences, FlexShopper offers models from Whirlpool, Maytag, and Samsung. They also provide top load washers and front load washers to suit different preferences.

FlexShopper’s high-efficiency washers are designed to deliver effective clean clothes results while conserving resources. They offer various wash actions, from gentle to powerful, and can handle larger loads efficiently.

For households needing extra capacity, FlexShopper’s large capacity washers can accommodate big family loads. They also offer deep fill options for those extra-large laundry days.

In addition to washers, FlexShopper provides washer dryer combos and accessories to complete your laundry room. From rinse cycles to no agitator designs, they cater to various laundry needs.

FlexShopper also offers guidance on choosing the best top load washers for your home. Their faqs section and customer service (phone number) are always available to assist you with any questions.

Invest in your home’s laundry capabilities today with FlexShopper. From impeller vs. agitator washers to the latest in wash basket technology, FlexShopper has you covered. Whether you’re interested in removable agitator models, speed queen washers, or open top-load designs, you’ll find the perfect fit for your personal preference.

Explore FlexShopper’s wide range of new washing machines today and make an informed decision for your home.

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